Happy 2-year Anniversary to Crashlytics and Twitter!

In 2011, I co-founded Crashlytics with Jeff Seibert. We raised $6 million from Baseline and Flybridge, became one of the most popular mobile development tools on the planet being fortunate to have our software embedded in most handheld devices. Then, on Christmas morning 2012, I signed the term sheet with Twitter agreeing for us to join the flock. This was was Twitter’s largest acquisition.

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Knowing When Your Baby is Ugly

One of the most crucial skills any successful entrepreneur can possess is the ability to know when their baby project is ugly. If you don’t know that your baby project is ugly, you will waste a lot of resources pursuing it, rather than moving onto a new project. It’s like quicksand for an entrepreneur. Avoid at all costs.

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Building a Sustainable Side Project

I’m extremely passionate about creating and building new things, so I started a few side projects in early December. A side project, to me, is something that requires less than full time effort on my part but serves a purpose and has high impact in some way. It usually leads to new ideas, crystallizes new theories, and creates new serendipitous connections.

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Proud To Be a Part of OnSwipe

Announcing my involvement with OnSwipe! When Jason Baptiste first told me about the concept, and then passed me his iPad with a demo, I knew I had to be a part of it. I’m honored to have been the first person to commit and invest. This company will be making waves — stay tuned!

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Patrón's Formula for Building a Successful Online Community

When Patrón launched a site called the Patrón Social Club last year, I signed up and have been following their progress. This year, they launched an interesting concept called Patrón Secret Dining Society. Now, it isn’t some snobby club with obnoxious membership dues — in fact, it’s free — but it is definitely exclusive. I was lucky to take part and see first first-hand on how Patrón is trying to build an online community.

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Napster 10-year Reunion

Tweet Arthur Singer and Shawn Fanning planned the event.  It was held at Shawn’s penthouse in the Marina Bay, overlooking the Bay Bridge. Enjoyed this post? Leave a comment below and Follow me on... read more

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Wayne Chang is a serial entrepreneur. He is currently at Twitter where he currently heads up product marketing & growth strategy for its mobile platform. His latest company was acquired by Twitter in its largest acquisition at the time.

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